The Corinthia, Budapest 


We’re fortunate to stay in this amazing 5-star hotel!  With its luxurious rooms, historic staircase , and over-the-top breakfast buffet we truly feel like we’re in the lap of luxury.

This morning after breakfast, the five of us had planned to meet in the lobby. We stumbled upon a free tour of the hotel being given by the general manager, and we asked if we could join. He was happy to have a few more in his very small group. We got the Royal treatment and a behind the scenes look at this very historic hotel.

The main staircase is one of the outstanding features, and has accommodated brides, heads of state, special birthday celebrant, and many tourists in its long and illustrious history. The Mahogany staircase has been preserved in its original wood, and we would have never seen it had we not been on this special tour.

The ballroom is another amazing feature. We learned that during WWI the room was used as a cinema. A tapestry now hangs where the screen once was positioned.

Mothers, wives, girlfriends, and lovers, would come to watch newsreels that were sent back from the front lines during World War I and try to catch a glimpse of their loved ones who were out fighting.

And if you ask 10 young women on the streets of Budapest where they would like to have their wedding, eight of them will say, “The ballroom at the Corinthia!” It’s Old World elegance at its finest.

We also got to see the presidential suite which rents for €4500 per night. It has 2 kitchens, a lobby with 2 bathrooms for reporters, 2 bedrooms with massive bathrooms.

The hotel is known for its thermal Spa which was currently closed for the cleaning which is required 4x a year.  

The hotel hosts conventions, car shows, famous people, heads of state, and US!  Loved the “back-stage” look.

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