New York Café, Budapest


It  unashamedly books itself as “the most beautiful café in the world. ” The New York Café was built in 1894 with the clear intention of being over-the-top, ornate, and exquisitely beautiful.

It most certainly lives up to its reputation!

Our hotel was just a five minute walk so we knew we had to go there or coffee or something special.

Being in Hungary, I thought it would be most appropriate to order a Hungarian coffee.

Yes, it was beautiful, but after one sip I nearly died! It was laced with hot Hungarian paprika.  We had to send it back so I could get an iced coffee with vanilla ice cream, just like Marty’s.

A scoop of Mike’s ice cream helped cool off my mouth.

The café is attached to the New York hotel with its lobby of elegant purple orchids.

Once again, Budapest has amazed it with its Grace, charm, and elegance. But I won’t be ordering a Hungarian coffee anytime soon!

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