A Day out in Budapest


We’re not used to having someone do all the ground work for us, but we’re fast learning to enjoy it!  Our day trip with Erika, our local expert,  introduced us to the sights, the sounds, the tastes, and the past, present, and future of her country and beloved city.

A few quick points:

*Trolleys are numbered from 70 onward because they were introduced on Stalin’s birthday.  

*in communist times, when Stalin’s name was mentioned on the street, people stopped and applauded.  The main statue of Stalin is now cut up in pieces and others are gathered into a park.

*erika grew up in communist times, and as she put it, ” If you’ve never eaten cake, you don’t know what it is.  We never knew what the rest of the world had, so we never missed it. “. Even now, she told us, she had difficulty going into a mall because there’s just too much.  

The War Memorial.  Hungary loses most, if not all, wars!!

St. Matthias Church, our Lady of Buda.  What a beauty, inside and out.  I decided to just take a few sweet photos of elements.

The floor:

The columns with original colors:

The oldest carving in the church, depicting monks reading ( the only ones who COULD read!)

The porcelain and tile roof:

The Raven and black steeple, symbol of Matthias who was married in the church:

King Matthias himself!

Views from the parapets.  Beautiful Budapest!!

A trip to a local market always floats my boat!  

Apricots are in season and the ones we bought were sweet and juicy . And what trip to Hungary would be complete without paprika!

The fruits and veges were beautiful and plentiful .  

Erika told us a story about strudel dough and how the young girls needed to learn to make it with no holes  or else they wouldn’t me able to marry !

We procured enough bits’n’pieces to cobble together lunch back at the hotel.

A rest, a regroup, and next up, the most beautiful cafe in the world. 

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