Warsaw and Poland–finishing up 


So here in no particular order are bits’n’pieces about Poland I don’t want to forget!

  • There are more Polish people in Chicago than in Warsaw.
  • Madame Curie was Polish.
  • The opera house in Warsaw has the longest stage in the world.
  • Rising 44 is a book I should read.
  • So is Life in a Jar, the story of 
  • During Soviet times the Trabant car in Poland took 10-15 years to receive after you paid in full.
  • Son of Saul is a film I should see.
  • Polish soups and food are hearty and filling !
  • The Chopin gardens and other locations around Warsaw feature benches with his music. He is truly the heart and soul of the Polish people.
  • Polish weddings , as described by Tim our Australian guide who married a Polish girl, last at least 3 days and at theirs guests drank 250 bottles of vodka.  Traditionally weddings could last until the food ran out, which could be weeks or a month!
  • Polish village Christmas celebrations are events I could only dream about in terms of the sense of family and community!

I’ve really enjoyed my time here.  (I’ll include a short blog about Czestochowa later because my phone ran out of juice and I took pics on Marty’s camera.  We did visit there, saw the Black Madonna and the shrine.  Beautiful!)

Farewell Poland! I won’t forget you!

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