Warsaw, continued 


At the end of WWII Warsaw was a pile of rubble. The war ended on September 2, 1945 and the people of Warsaw started reconstruction on September 3.  

The photos above show a 200 year old painting and a less than 50 year old building.  Strolling through Warsaw you get the feeling of a very old, medieval town.  Not so.  It’s all been rebuilt with as exacting detail as possible, from paintings and first-person recollections.

During our afternoon free time I discovered a ceramic shop.  I couldn’t help myself–I’m now toting around a beautiful Polish ceramic bowl!

So is the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen Danish?  No, she’s actually the twin sister of the polish mermaid.  Here’s the legend of Syrena https://syrenadancers.com/about/legend-of-the-warsaw-mermaid/

(She’s behind us)

Our lunch was iced coffee and doughnuts but Don needed more!

We had a post-chat with our guide about the WHY of the Polish reputation, butt of jokes, no respect.  With a shrug of her shoulders, Sabrina told us the country has been continually invaded. They’ve never won a war.   Children are taught to be loyal to Poland.  Life is hard, yet the sense of family and community is vital, strong, and at the heart of Polish life.  

They are a strong people. Unwavering. Brave. Extraordinarily hard-working.

Should I admit to having mentally dismissed Poland in the past as a place I had no need to visit? Ok, guilty.  

Travel changes people, and this short visit had shifted me totally!

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  1. Having grown up in the PA coal region, there would be many Polish and other Eastern European descendants there, including me. You are right about the hard-working people. They are very proud of their heritage. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your travel in this part of the world. So interesting for me-I had been to Eastern Europe when it was communist. Nice to see the changes. Safe travels!

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