To fully express my personal admiration for the people of Warsaw, and more widely, the Polish people, would take a more lengthy treatise than I probably have energy to write.  But if I were Polish, I would be undaunted, and though tired, would continue on for the good of myself, my family, my country.  I would remain unwaveringly LOYAL.  

We’ve been filled with Polish history but I’d like to write about WWII. On September 1,1939 they were attacked from the West, south, and north by Nazi Germany. They were surprised, shocked, and unprepared.  Ten days later they were attacked from the East by Russia.  Surprised, shocked, unprepared again.  Hmmmm.  A conspiracy by the invaders to occupy and take over Poland?  You betcha.  

Warsaw itself was battered and lost 85% of its buildings and 80% of its population.  The city and its people were virtually annihilated yet a vigorous, courageous underground movement armed with homemade weapons and grenades, rocks, and whatever else they could find mounted an attack against the Nazis.  Their intelligence indicated that the Russians, who were camped across the river, would come to their aid.

The Russians watched.  They never helped and after 2 weeks the fight ended.  In Retribution Hitler ordered the town burned.  So if it wasn’t already bombed, now it was burned 

The memorial to the underground army.  We watched an excellent CNN documentary about them.

And of course, the Jewish annihilation.  Jan Karski, a resistance fighter, escaped from the country to inform the world about Suschwitz-Birkenau.  However. He was instructed to tell Roosevelt,  “Things are very difficult.”  The West didn’t want to know.

The Polin museum Is on the site of the Jewish ghetto and has been named the top museum in Europe.  “Polin” means “rest here.”  The building consists of glass panels with the letters spelling “Polin.”

One could spend a day there and we had about 1.5 hours.  The displays are magnificent and take you from pre-historic Poland through Jewish history to the present day, helping you understand the position of the Jewish people throughout history.

This is just one beautiful recreation of a temple.  And here’s the cover of the book a nasty Russian wrote in 1897 naming  Jews as genetically viral and unfit.

There’s much more to write about Warsaw but for now I’m leaving the blog to go visit Berlin!  I’ll end with a photo of a display of garlic, a staple of the Jews in Poland, as they claimed it was useful and necessary for all variety of conditions.

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