Back Home. . .Finishing the Blogs!


We’re home now.  Honestly, about half way through the trip either the pace quickened or my body tired. . .probably BOTH!. . .and I decided to just live in the moment, enjoy the trip and write blogs when I returned home. So today is July 4 and I’m sitting on the screened porch with a cool drink (some hibiscus tea made from blossoms I got at Naschmarkt, Vienna), with a nice breeze blowing.  It will be fun and more relaxing now to relive and report on the final few days of our fabulous journey!

BERLIN. . . of all the places we visited, I was the least impressed with Berlin.  Perhaps because it was such a long coach ride to get here, and perhaps because it’s my dislike of places in BOLDFACE PRINT on maps, it just seemed like a big, busy, bustling city.  Which it is.

Two impressions I’m left with. . .

  1. There’s a ton of building going on, still leftover from wartime.



2. The reminders of WWII.  Our guide explained that you can easily tell which buildings were damaged and repaired by the mottled coloring. Bullet holes are covered with lighter cement.



I guess I just had this distaste for Berlin for what it represented in the past.  We had asked Tim, our Insight tour director, about the feelings of Hungarians, Poles, and neighbors toward Nazi Germany. He said that there really isn’t any lingering anger; people realize that there was a distinction between Nazis and modern-day Germans.  There is, however, resentment toward Russians, past and present.  But that’s another story. . .

In the afternoon we explored a remaining section of “the wall,” Checkpoint Charlie (where we got our passports stamped).



All for now, but there’s more to Berlin.  We actually did have some fun, and in the evening had a lovely dinner by a lake in Potsdam.  To be continued. . .


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  1. Linda, this is VERY interesting…can’t wait for more. You should consider a presentation to our RMC Travel Club!

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