OK…Let’s be fair to Berlin!


I just re-read my previous blog on Berlin.  I think I was too tough on this very historic city.  Let’s take a look at some of the beauty, history, and fun of Berlin.


One of the best known and most recognized symbols of Berlin is the Brandenburg gate.  During our time here most of this area was closed off so that spectators could watch Euro soccer.  Historically the Brandenburg gate has been the meeting place and symbol of unity and peace.


The “Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe” is just down from the Brandenburg Gate.  It’s a massive area of stone blocks of varying heights and widths, designed to give a feeling of unease and confusion.  Many have said it resembles a cemetery.  Yes, it was cold and stark.  Now that we’re home, we did a bit more research and found some chilling information about the anti-grafitti coating used on the stones.  Turns out that the company that produced the coating was one and the same that produced gas used in gas chambers.  The full story is on Wikipedia.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memorial_to_the_Murdered_Jews_of_Europe

On a lighter note, there was “Trabi World”!  It was fun to see these little cars from the Soviet era, made of plastic and cardboard, trundling down the streets of Berlin.  You can rent one but must follow a lead car.  We browsed the gift shop, bought some shirts, and moved on.


And then there was this clear message about using condoms!


At Checkpoint Charlie we got our passports stamped. Who knew that you could add a stamp in your passport at someplace other than a REAL border.

Now if you had really been on this trip with me, you’d know that I’ve gone way out of chronological order.  So I’ll return to our first night, when Don (our official finder-of-local-places-to-eat) led us to a great place by the river.  Which river, you ask??  I forget!


We had a great time ordering, and eating, tons of sausages!!


Now, back to day two, after Checkpoint Charlie, the Wall, and enough depressing history, Don and I went off on our own, walked through the massive Mall of Berlin and discovered a tasty treat, iced chocolate at the Lindt store.

And back at the hotel, Don lusted after a car he could only dream of!  But, German-made!


But our time in Berlin was not finished yet.  A marvelous dinner awaited us!

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