Potsdam and the Bridge of Spies


So after a day of touring Berlin, our coach set off to Potsdam, about 45 minutes away for a look at Sans Souci, the palace of Frederick the Great.  It’s often been compared to Versailles, and although we only saw the outside, it was truly beautiful.  Since we had been to Versailles just a month ago, we can affirm that the gardens and follies were certainly reminiscent!



Sans Souci=Without worry.  Frederick retreated here for R&R.  And do you know what Frederick is most famous for?  He introduced potatoes to Germany, so Tim brought a bag for each of us to add a potato to his grave.  Boys being boys, they had to make a “thing” out of potatoes.  MEN!!

The grounds were beautiful, and I would  have loved to go inside, but it was after hours.

After strolling the grounds, we boarded the coach for Glienicke Bridge over Havel River.  Now you might not know it by that name, but by it’s popular name, The Bridge of Spies.  It was truly the spot where exchanges were made.  We walked over the bridge from one end to the other.

Don noticed that the bridge had recently been painted and I noticed that it had sparkles in it.  We guessed maybe it was painted for the movie and the sparkles added something to the lighting.  Just a guess but it was fun to fantasize!  And it was really cool to walk across the bridge and feel a real part of history.

On to dinner at a lovely location that seems to be reserved for coach tours.  But despite the somewhat “large group” feel of the place, it was really lovely, and both food and wine were good.



So even though I wasn’t overly thrilled with the city of Berlin, there were many bright spots and I wasn’t unhappy to be there!  IMG_2310

Farewell, Berlin.  I doubt I’ll be back to see you, but I’ll always remember you!

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