Speight’s Brewery



Fabulous brewery tour at Speight’s today. . .the best known beer in New Zealand.  The tour featured a history of beer unlike any we’ve seen, with Madame Tussaud~type figures enlightening us as we moved with our guide, Rob.  Here’s Mr. Speight himself, who with Mr. Cadbury (yes, the chocolate guy) and another guy who I can’t remember built a beer empire.

Surprising facts: the first coopers (barrel-makers) were given a small barrel (cooper’s barrel) of beer to share with one co-worker DAILY in the equivalent of 22 liters of beer which they drank on the job and could take the remainder home to barter, trade, or give away.  Alcohol content was 8%!!

All beer at the Dunedin plant goes to pubs and restaurants for draft consumption.  No bottles or cans produced here.   Only in Auckland.

Enough about beer.  And yes, the tasting was well worth the tour!

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