A Teaser. . .Adventures 2 and 3


Due to technical difficulties. . . .that’ssort of what I feel like right now.  Wouldn’t you know that my phone, which doubles as my camera, would pick THIS moment to be “stroppy” to use a good old English word.  My photos won’t transfer to my iPad, which I use for these blogs.  But I think I know the cause and will just have to wait while some photos I deleted find the cloud, do their work, and free up my phone once again. In the meantime I’ll use my iPad for photos.

HAVING SAID ALL THAT, I’ll give you just a teaser of the two additional adventures we had yesterday. . . .the Yellow-eyed Penguin reserve and the Taieri Gorge Railway, one of the best train journeys in the world.  Here are two photos of each, with full blog reports to come later. . .when this &*D% technology works like I want it to!!

ps. . .wait til you hear the love story of Maggie and Jim,the penguins, and the love triangle with Rodd, as well as the two gay penguins who are surrogate parents.  I’m enchanted!!

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