A Triple Play Day


Our itinerary from Aspire Down Under listed one activity:


Up at 7:15 and waiting for the van at 8:15, we anticipated a day filled with wild adventure, and we weren’t disappointed!  No, this wasn’t our boat but was one we sidled up to, looking at the birds who’ve made it their home for the past dozen years.  Loved the mossy green stuff!

Our tour guides Brandon and Neil, who worked for Discovery Channel and Natl. Geographic,wove the boat in and out of coves and small places while I crossed my fingers that Don wouldn’t get seasick (which he didn’t!!).  Here’s what we saw:

White fronted terns

Black Swans

Variable Oystercatchers

Red Billed Gulls

Black Backed Gulls

Spotted Shag

New Zealand Fur Seals

New Zealand Sea Lions

Blue penguins

Australasian gannets

Hectors Dolphins

Northern Royal Albatross

White capped Albatross

So if you want to see pictures, ask Mr. Google!  We just lived in the moment, enjoyed watching the dolphins play with our boat, while the albatrosses flew overhead.


Even a warm cuppa tea onboard



It actually got really cold out there, and as I watched Don’s pallor change from rosy to yellowish, I was afraid he was in for trouble.   But he held on, and made it to shore.

Adventure number 1 of the day in the books!  Next blog, next adventure.

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