The Fastest Indian


We said goodbye to Dunedin this morning,rain pelting down, and went to pick up our rental car, then headed out to Invercargill.  Weather being what it was, we didn’t take the Southern Scenic Route, but headed inland past rolling hills and past thousands of sheep.  No exaggeration!


We commented that the rolling hills and expansive green pastures were reminiscent of Pennsylvania, southern France, or parts of Tuscany. . .only MUCH larger.

Although Shelley at Aspire included Invercargill probably because its a good stopping point before heading up the west coast, we discovered, thanks to my brother Chuck, that it’s the home of Burt Munro, the guy who figured out how to make his Indian motorcycle the fastest in the world. His record from 1969 still stands.  There’s a movie about it.. . .The Fastest Indian.



There are many, many, many motorcycles in the E. Hayes hardware store, displayed right along side the hoses, lawn mowers, garden tools, and seed packets.  The store is immense!



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      • Neither of the above. But tons of Triumphs, Indians, BMW, Vincent, Velocette, New Hudson, Harley. There was even a Theo-sized bike and today on a beach we saw a little guy on one. Donny Boy was very happy and chatted with guys about guy things, like cars and bikes. I browsed the home goods section, happy to look and not buy!

  1. Donny Boy, HenDog, Jimbo and Leebo saw the movie “The Fastest Indian” a few years ago on on of our dinner and a movie outings.
    What fond memories Donny Boy must have had sitting it that contraption!!

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