Off to the Races!


You know those free newspapers that have a ton of ads but more importantly, upcoming community events?  Well, I picked up one of those the other day, browsed through, and spied the Glenorchy Races, today.  It read something like Anyone with a horse can register, and this is not for the faint of heart!  Intriguing!

Now one of the things on our list to do while in Queenstown was to drive the Queenstown to Glenorchy Road, listed as #15 on the world’s most beautiful drives.  So, we decided to “kill two birds with one stone,” take the drive, go to the races.


With spectacular views and winding, and a sometimes-barely-two-lane road, we made our way to Glenorchy.  It’s the gateway to yet more water and tramping (hiking) adventures, but today we were there for the horses.


They were beginning to gather.

On a jaunt around town we discovered a great general store where I had TWO discussions about American politics, and Don spied TWO cars.


But on to the races.  This is a once-a-year event, sponsored by the rugby club with proceeds benefitting local organizations.


Betting was extremely interesting.  You could buy a ticket for $2 with a letter on it.  Before the race, the number of the horse (painted on its rear) was announced with its corresponding letter.


Our first horse was number 34.


First race was Walk, Trot, Gallop.  We didn’t win.

Second race was The Trotting Cup.  We didn’t win.

Third race was Bareback/Saddle race.  We didn’t win.

But we WERE winners in simply being a part of this great community event.  Food was great. . .pies of mince and cheese, sausage rolls, homemade lemonade and iced tea.


The Rural Women raise funds for a variety of good works and are represented in the government.  


The riders and horses all seemed to be having a good time, despite a few rider falls, and a few balky horses.


The start of the bareback race.


Families were out in force, and when we left after the third race, more were still arriving.


A bit more exploring around Glenorchy and we were lucky to find a bride and groom getting photos taken.


We decided to head back to Queenstown and found equally spectacular views on the return journey.


Our day at the races. . . .felt like we were real Kiwis!  And I’m happy to report that women here are of the same mind as women everywhere. . .


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  1. Reminds me of our day in Glenorchy, sweet little town. It’s fun following your blog and reliving our trip on the same roads with such gorgeous vistas. While at Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown we enjoyed a steamship ride to a sheep station across the lake, a gondola ride, and a luge ride ( with wheels for the summer) a lot of fun, in case you want to look into it while you are there. Have a great time !!!

  2. Sorry, wasn’t finished there. We have 2 more days here. We’ve decided not to go to Walter Peak Station and are figuring out our plan. The gondola and luge are definite. We may do a walking wine tour or a Canyon boat ride. Our Airbnb is right on the lake and we can walk on the footpath there, too. Stay tuned!!

  3. Lin & Don, Enjoying your pics and commentary. Wish the pics were a bit sunnier. We are revising our packing strategy! It is colder there than we thought. Of course, we felt sorry for your short hail storm as I shoveled 2 inches of snow off our driveway in 22* weather.(NOT) Got down to 10* that night. We have been sick for a week with bad colds imposed on us by our grand kids. We should be on par before we head out though. We’re hosting a going away party for 16 friends. We are running around wiping down our house for virus germs. Hope nobody stays late. We haven’t slept too well for days. Keep well. See you soon. xoxo, Mike

    On Fri, Jan 6, 2017 at 9:28 PM, wheresweinberger wrote:

    > Luisa posted: “You know those free newspapers that have a ton of ads but > more importantly, upcoming community events? Well, I picked up one of > those the other day, browsed through, and spied the Glenorchy Races, > today. It read something like Anyone with a horse can re” >

    • Hi, guys. . .weather getting warmer here, although everyone here in the south is commenting that this weather is unusual but not unheard of. Tomorrow we head to Franz Josef where we hear a big storm may be headed on Wednesday when we’re supposed to go on our glacier walk. But today was lovely and for parts of the afternoon and evening we could shed our layers; Don even put on shorts. Anyhow, the country is wonderful and the people even better. Hope you leave your colds in the US and bring your good driving skills. Roads are windy and windy (try long and short vowels!!). Xoxo. L

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