Sipping through Central Otago


img_0168Yesterday we discovered The Winery, which we’d read about before our trip.  A mighty fine place it was, with over 80 wines to taste and comfy chairs to relax in.  Eschewing the adrenaline adventures abounding in Queenstown, we chose a more mellow route!


Enticed by some lovely pinot noirs and the suggestion of our host Quentin, we decided on a wine tour today that would also take us to a few untouristy spots.  Off we went with Vanessa.  First stop, the bungee bridge.


We watched, listened to the screams, and decided to save the $220 pp fee on something more useful for us than a shot of adrenaline !



Don and Vanessa on the very windy, very high bungee bridge.


Sunny, but still cold today.  The WIND never quits!

Next stop, the ROARING MEG power station.  Have to love the name!


And then we were off to Mt. Difficulty where there’s a wine of the same name.  A nice pinot, but still not as nice as the Surveyor Thomson we had yesterday. Interestingly, the tasting charge was “one gold coin”–$2


Next stop was Carrick which had a good pinot and an unusual sav Blanc which would be worth having in PA, but probably won’t. Just as impressive was their location and view.  Stunning! Note the dark lavenders right behind us.  They’re a deep, Deep Purple, darker than many I’ve seen.


Third stop was the charm, and what a charm it was.  Chloe, one of the winemakers at Terra Sancta discussed and educated us more fully on each wine we sampled.  She was amazing, as were the wines.


They’re a small boutique winery and we’re hoping some of their bottles will show up in PA. Chloe was passionate that we understood and enjoyed our tasting.  There was no charge.

By now we were hungry and VAnessa had booked a table at yet another winery.  Mio dio, the food and wine were spectacular.  And the presentation. . . .on barrel staves.


Lamb, venison, goat, scallops, salmon, duck fat baked potatoes, grilled vege. . .all paired with wines.  Groan. . .almost as bad as being a victim of an Italian lunch!!  The leftovers are in our refrigerator!

Heading back toward Queenstown we stopped in Arrowtown,a former mining camp which still retains the “flavor” of a Wild West type town.  Now there are sweet boutiques, specialty shops,and funky restaurants.


This little town is just 15 minutes from Queenstown and would be well worth staying here to avoid the Queenstown congestion.  (But having said that, I’ll be writing about our place which is directly on the lake and is fabulous.)

Amazingly, we managed to each have a small ice cream because suddenly, and after waiting and waiting, the weather was actually HOT. . .like SUMMER.


Finally I could take off my quilted vest and fleece jacket!

Time to head “home” where Don promptly fell asleep and I changed into lighter clothes and went for a walk.  But I will leave the blog for today with a fun sign which became my new BFF in Arrowtown. . .


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