The Art of Lingering


Lingering is highly undervalued.  I think it might be a cousin of pleasure, which is not to be confused with fun.  And somewhere in the family tree is slow travel.  Today we visited with the entire family.

Fun. . .traveling on the gondola up, up, up above Queenstown.


And then taking two luge rides, pretending we were kids again.



Then the lingering part.  A birthday lunch for Don at Botswana Butchery, a notable restaurant in Queenstown. With no where to go and all day to do it, we stretched lunch over 2 hours.


A visit to a few art galleries, a stroll along the wharf, the decision to not go on a boat tour, which prompted the decision to head home.  Where we both indulged in the pleasure of an afternoon nap.

Slow travel at its finest!


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  1. I am enjoying your posts and vicariously reliving our trip! Did you happen to go by a lovely little rose garden in someone’s back yard on the footpath? It was small but mightily pretty and fragrant. Happy Birthday to Don !

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