Air Bnb Queenstown


So everyone always asks us, “How do you plan your trips?”  Usually I am the travel planner, air fare securer, and accommodation specialist.  This time, however, kudos go to Shelley Madsen at Aspire Down Under in NY.  With our input, she planned the route and booked most accommodations.  However, in Queenstown we were on our own, and thus, I booked us the most fabulous Air BnB ever!


Now I know that nearly every hotel or accommodation in Queenstown says “We’re right on the lake,” but guess what–this place really is.  Out the gate, 30 steps,and you’re on the footpath around the Frankton Arm. The views from their lounge are stunning.


The house is brand new, and two rooms are their Air BnB rooms.



Quentin knows everyone and everything in Queenstown.  He’s involved with helicopters, construction, tourism, jet boating, restaurants, taxis, etc.  He’s a whirlwind of happy energy. . .and he even made us breakfast!

He unexpectedly got a call to go to Kaikoura to work on earthquake clean-up.  His lovely wife, Jo, returned home from a girls weekend and she and Don celebrated their birthdays together.

So we have new friends in Queenstown.  And if you find yourself there, you definitely want to stay at this very special Air BnB!

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