Today’s (not too short) Jaunt


Queenstown to Franz Josef Glacier. . . 4.5 hours according to our itinerary!!!  Well, not if your GPS looks like this:


We wound over the Crown Range and boy was I glad that Don had experience driving sports cars on windy roads.  Continual hairpins, that’s what it was!  But the views, oh the views!

And before long we happened upon another stretch of acres upon acres of lupines. . .purples, pinks, yellows.



Really, it was stunning.  As we journeyed on, we came upon a pull-off and hiked down to the beach on Lake Wanaka. Don skipped stones and peed in the weeds. (No photos, haha!!)


We were about 3 hours into what was supposed to be a 4.5 hour trip. . . .but we were still 3 hours away.  No matter. . .

Journeying onward we almost passed up an opportunity at the Blue Pools.  Not knowing anything about them but seeing a ton of cars there we decided there must be something great going on.  Kind of like the time in NYC when we got in line just because there was a long line and we didn’t know what it was for.  Turned out we had one of the best cream puffs of our life.  Never pass by a long line or a full parking lot!


We bought a box of this guy’s huge bing cherries. . .wait, that doesn’t sound good, but you know what I mean.  Delish. . .and then we started on the path, not knowing what we were walking toward.


We soon found out!


The blue pools were ice cold, alpine waters and people were jumping in and swimming. Even from the bridge.


Yep. . .ICY COLD!


By this time we were 5 hours into our 4.5 hour trip.  And soon we were hungry for the great lunch of leftovers we’d brought from Queenstown.


Finally, at 5 pm we arrived in Franz Josef, 8 hours after we left Queenstown but with a few unexpected memories added to our mental Rolodex.  It’s how we like to roll!


( Couldn’t find a fitting end photo, so I thought I’d throw in the warm scones our motel manager brought to our room.  He carried them in a basket covered with a checkered cloth.  Did you ever??!!)


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