Sunday. . .same here as home!


After a much-needed FaceTime with our DIL Cat this morning (where we saw it snowing), we enjoyed a leisurely Sunday morning of brunch quiches leftover from our lunch yesterday, then decided to head out to the World of Wearableart and Classic Car Museum.


On a trip out to our car to get a few needed items, Don discovered that the local Corvette club had their machines all parked in the lot of our “home” and were gathering for what we guessed was Sunday morning breakfast, just like the Beaufort Car Club.

So we started out to WOW but our heads were turned when we were no more than a few minutes away from “our neighborhood” and we saw cars on the grounds of an historical house we had passed and admired.  And we knew in a moment it must be. . . .a car show.  Pull over.

And guess what. . .it was the Jag-U-Ar club.  Alan and Robin, if you’re reading this blog, I took the above photo for you!!  There were a few E-types.  There were S-types like ours, and there were classics upon classics.


Don did what he does best. . .talk. . .to NZ car owners, sharing pictures and stories.


This woman owns an S-type like mine and was astonished that we use it as a “daily driver.”

As Don talked, I explored the rose gardens on the ground.  Oh, so English and so beautiful!

And the fragrance. . .heavenly. . .

We pulled ourselves away because our main event of the day awaited us.  And were we ever WOWed!!


First of all, the wearable art is ALL wearable.  We watched a 35 minute film of the art fashion show which was held inWellington this past November.  Speechless.  It’s one thing to see a piece on a mannequin, but a totally new experience to watch it move as a real human being brings it to life.



The 2016 grand prize winner


A winner in its division.


Got extra cables?  Try this design!


Constructed of paint brushes


A cascade


Lippydeema requests that you not stare for too long.  When we saw how it moved in the video, it was way too familiar!!!


Me with two new friends


Constructed of fiberglass.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how anyone got in this thing, much less move.

So if you’re feeling like you’re ready for a second career, the annual design competition is held in New Zealand and the prize is NZD$165,000.  Visit to enter!

After a lunch in their cafe, it was now time to see the second part of the museum,the cars.  Oh, Wow. . .what a bunch of metal!  Let’s start with my favorite first, and guess what:  it was a Jaguar!


Close behind were two sweet Morris Minors, reminding us of the ones we owned in both the UK and Montserrat.  Oh, if we had only had a few extra hundred bucks to ship one home.  But hindsight is always 20-20.


Don’s favorite was. . .you guessed it. . .a Fiat.  Guess we’re sort of predictable in our tastes!


There were cars upon cars, with no apparent rhyme or reason as to how they were displayed.  We later learned that this was only a portion of the owner’s collection. How DO these people make their money?  Clearly, not by teaching!!!

After all that looking, gawking, reminiscing, and walking, we felt compelled to call in at a cidery we passed a few blocks from home.  We shared a berry cider, which had to be the lowest alcohol cider ever, put our feet up, and just felt like a local for a little bit.


Back home I started my blog,sitting outside in the “quad” watching kids play hide and seek, seeing other folks on their smallterraces.  This is a very special spot and I’ll write about it later.  But for now, good by, at the end of a day that felt like Sunday.


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