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We have an embarrassing confession.  We have never read, nor have we seen the movies of Lord of the Rings.  Or the Hobbits. But today we wandered into the jewelry shop of Jens Hansen when, once again, we saw a crowd gathered and we were curious. Turns out that Jens was the maker of The One Ring for the movies.He did not seek out the job; instead, Peter Jackson asked him to create the rings. . .and the rest is history.


One of the actual rings used in the films.  There are three total, one owned by Peter Jackson, the director, one owned by the movie studio, and one remains here.  It’s heavy, made of steel, and covered in 18k gold.

We sort of nodded our heads when Lee-Ann, who was waiting on us, was showing us the various jewelry designs, and explaining the significance of them.  A couple from Germany was being fitted for wedding rings with Elfyn script. A group of 40 doing a Lord of the Rings tour through NZ were there for a seminar and a tour of the workshop.  All this in a shop no bigger than a powder room!!



My new friend Lee-Ann who handles all internet sales.  

We’d better watch the movies now because I purchased a sterling silver chain, like the one made famous in the film when a character wears a ring on a chain.  For me, I just liked the chain!

“Next door” was the Nelson cathedral, where we were welcomed by the sexton who was outside smoking and cracking jokes with us.  Inside, as we were contemplating walking the labyrinth, he jumped in saying, “Time for my movie shot, Mr. DeMille!”  We laughed so hard it knocked us right off the labyrinth.


He regaled us with stories about his one man show in Wellington, his chats with the Bishop, and his personal relationship with his vacuum cleaner.  What a hoot!!  Oh, and the cathedral was lovely!!

Onward up the hill we walked in search of lunch.  We found it!

Melrose house is one of those lovely Victorian mansions that is probably too expensive for anyone to keep up, so its a cafe, conference center, and event venue.  What a lovely spot for a lunch, sitting on the veranda, sipping cool drinks with flowers, and sharing a darling dessert.

The interior of the house was reminiscent of so many elegant mansions –wonderful woodwork, stained glass,  porcelain collections.  All evidence of former fine living, and for just a short time today, I felt part of that time of leisurely lunches and garden soirées.

So then it was on to Blenheim, home of the Marlborough wine region.  We had no choice but to make a U-turn to take a photo that welcomed us to the town.


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