Christchurch and Buskers


Lest we think that Christchurch is all steel girders, cranes, dust, jackhammers, and hard hats (although there are plenty of those!), we found that there simply was not enough time and shoe leather to take in all Christchurch had to offer.  We navigated the city bus system ($4/ride with a free transfer if used within 2 hours), and went to the center of town.

First stop, re:START.  It’s a temporary mall of funky shops, cafes, and food stalls built from shipping containers.  Guess there were a lot of those around after the 2011 earthquake, so why not use them!  A fun spot.

Moving onward we headed to a memorial which was difficult to view.  The 185 Chairs is a sculpture sitting on 185 meters of green glass,  in memory of the 185 people who perished in the 2011 earthquake.  Green grass for renewed life.  A notebook of visitor’s reflections sits in a kiosk for any to sign.


Very close to the 185 Chairs is the Cardboard Cathedral, the transitional/temporary church which was devastated by the earthquake.  Take a look. . .


And the “Cardboard Cathedral” (not made of cardboard).

Walking through the streets we discovered bits of beauty amongst the construction.


We guessed that this work, representing new energy in the downtown, was done by Sara Hughes, and we were correct.  She also did the amazing ribbon wall in the Dunedin Public Art Gallery.


On to the Art Gallery.  Are you thinking about now, “Don’t they get tired?”  Oh yes. . . .we have cultivated the art of afternoon tea, cider, wine.  But first, the art gallery!

What a vibrant, lively gallery, with kids’ activities, galleries of new artists, a nod to art energy (that one was a bit weird for me, as evidenced by this sculpture of a cloud buster!)

A few random photos from the art gallery–


Corned Beef



Even the elevator is snazzy!

You know, I was going to write about the World Buskers Festival in this blog, but frankly, I’m tired and tomorrow will come soon enough and then I’ll finish this.  One final thought on Christchurch. . .


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