Redwoods Nighttime


My dear friend Telma (aka Donna aka Cozy Holiday Rentals aka of Duras, France and Castiglione d’Orcia) sent me an article about a new attraction in Rotorua “just in case you’re close by.”  Yep, we were and last night, we did it.  Despite rain. Despite chilly summer tem


The amazing redwood forest which also sports massive tree palms is magnificent.

As we traversed the 21 suspension bridges at 40 feet high, at night, in the dark, on rain slicked platforms, Don continually affirmed that a certain body part was continually numb!!  Fear of heights?!  Uncertainty of what’s coming next?!  Haha. . .whatever! He survived!


The walk was serene and quiet. The hanging lanterns swayed slightly in the breeze, a few night birds chirped, and we continued onward.  We chatted with the handful of 20-somethings at the end and learned that a few of the guys had constructed the lanterns that encircled the trees, cinched up the swinging bridges,hooked up the lighting system, and monitor all of the attraction.  All in about 5 weeks!

What a lovely evening.  Thanks, Telma.  You always look out for me!


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