A True NZ Tramp


There are probably not enough juicy, million-dollar adjectives to fully describe the pristine beauty of New Zealand.  You could try magnificent, sensational, soul-satisfying, sweeping, ancient, untouched, much-photographed, or amazing. .. .but you still wouldn’t quite get it.

Today we hiked the loop trail to Silica Rapids, a distance of about 8-9 miles, and by the end I felt as if I had yet another taste of the REAl New Zealand.  Up grades,down grades, through beautiful forests and alpine terrain. . .just indescribable beauty!


img_0775We became accustomed to the sounds of water chortling and tumbling over rocks, through gorges, arriving from the most unexpected  sources high up on hills, natural culverts, or alpine springs.


The path itself provided just the right amount of good walking, a few climbs, and most of all, surprises as we tramped from rain forest into open alpine passes.


Mike’s walking sticks came in handy for those of us who are vertically challenged.  But boys will be boys!


Yes, volcano in the background.    

Honestly, everywhere we looked we saw new beauty, from the tiniest alpine flowers to the multitude of gushing, flowing water containing iron (red water and rocks) to yellow (silica) and green (couldnt get close enough to figure that one out).  Birdsong lifted our spirits as did the magnificent weather and alpine sun.


We TRAMPED in New Zealand!  Our bodies, soles, and souls are happier for it!  Well, maybe not our soles. . . .



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