Con te partiro’


Or. . .Time to say goodbye. . .to Mike and Marty.



Those 6 days flew by, and now we were headed north and they were headed south.

But wait, our cute hotel busboy Shawn asked if we had been to Tawhai falls, which was on our way out of town.  Marty’s radar went up, and we followed them to the falls for one last jaunt.


It was the first time we thought the sign with time and distance posted was actually accurate.  And what a fine finish it was to our time and adventures together!

img_0866What a beautiful, short walk and so typical of New Zealand, “Oh, just another waterfall of rushing glacial water, with rocks for climbing, a beautiful path, and a well-built  overlook.  Oh. . .and listen to those birds chirping and calling to each other.  Ho-hum. . .”



Then it was time to split. . .us going north to Waitomo Caves, the Coromandel Peninsula, and Auckland, them going south to Wellington and the South Island. . .and then Australia, Tasmania, and Fiji.

But before I end this blog, just a word and a few pics of our digs for the past few days.  We stayed at Chateau Tongariro, built in 1929 in the national forest.  She’s a grand dame, reminiscent of gentler times, and she wears a fine patina of many travelers enjoying her hospitality.



We had our own little “lobby” outside our room where we enjoyed a cocktail party with that mysterious bottle of bubbly that showed up in our room celebrating our “recent wedding”!


The lobby exuded elegant charm of a bygone era of afternoon teas and gentle living.



Ah, Tongariro we will miss you. . .your walks, your elegance, your magnificent scenery.  We’re grateful that we got to know you!




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