What’s the Alternative



We start today wth this notice we saw after walking 45 minutes to Cathedral Cove BEach.  Perhaps two weeks ago we wouldn’t have noticed it, but now, THIS week, when we’ve been introduced to the concept of ALTERNATIVE FACTS , the sign popped out and gave us a moment of mirth in an otherwise nerve-wracking and unsettling time for us,  despite our travels and adventures.  We discuss current events daily, follow the news and developments, sign online petitions, write to our congress people, and discuss where to invest our time and resources.  It’s on the lips of every Kiwi as they hear our accent and begin discussing and asking us, “What in the WORLD is happening in your country?  What do you think will happen? ”  I will admit to hugging our passports a bit tighter as we prepare in two days to fly to EWR.

Some Kiwi responses in our discussions:

Well, he’s doing exactly what he said he’d do.

We’re looking to Americans to show us how to do the same in our country (resistance/protests)

We LOVE your button. . .Love Trumps Hate.

Why don’t you just stay here in NZ?

The whole world is a mess.

You don’t look like a Nasty Woman.

(Whispers behind hands. .. look at her button/Nasty Woman shirt)

We’re very  worried.


Well, I didn’t intend to write this blog, but it’s been an integral part of our journey since the time we left the  US on December 29.  The US news is reported here morning, noon, night.  How many of us truly realize the impact the actions of our country has on the world, even in a small nation like New Zealand?

We truly are ONE as people, and the recent actions of the administration have dire consequences for all.

Next blog. . .sunshine and sand.  Promise.



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