A Day at the Beach(es)


Aaaahhh. . ..Warm, clear sunshine in January.  This is what we love. . .easy living in a bathing suit and cover-up.  After another long, luxurious sleep after watching Lord of the Rings and drinking wine, we decided to head north to Whiatanga, seeking the Mussel Kitchen which we never reached.  However we did find


Where we shared a plate of assorted smoked seafood. Dee-lish.  The green-lipped mussels of New Zealand are rich in iron and help decrease inflammation.  Good news for my knee, still recovering from that biking spill.  Here are some mussels in the grocery store:

So after we fortified ourselves we headed to Cathedral Cove, an iconic site featured in many tourist photos.



The walk to the beach through forest, bright sunshine, up hills, and down hills was advertised as 45 minutes and we did it in about 30 each way.  Does that mean we’re in better shape than we were a few weeks ago?!!


If I’m going to walk all that way, you’d better believe I’m going in the water.  Hello, Pacific Ocean!

Knowing that we were approaching low tide, the time that Hot water Beach is most accessible, we had to move on sooner than we would have liked.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At low tide, the idea is to dig yourself a pool and allow the underground hot water to create your own little thermal pool without getting your buns burned.  “We” dug out our pool and I literally stayed there about 2 minutes because it was HOT!!!   My buns were hot!

Moving onward to home, we enjoyed our final evening with a snack supper and watching the second in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


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