Starting to Wrap-It-Up


We have one more full day tomorrow here in NZ.  Usually its about this time when we start to reflect on the trip,its place in our shared mental Rolodex of trip memories, and comb through photos to see what we’ve missed sharing.

So while we’re just chilling out here in our hotel room in Auckland, which by the way is a very nice  studio with sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, and bath, while watching Maori TV, we have a bit of time to catch up with what we may have missed.


The Maori TV station features news, popular shows, and dance competitions, all in the Maori languages.  Imagine a US TV station carrying the same in the languages of any of our Native peoples.  We’ve treated our Native Americans very differently from the European treatment of Maori families.


Flowers were vibrant and plentiful.  Agapanthus grows EVERYWHERE in drifts along highways, in front gardens, in back gardens, and by driveways. In purple and white.  Breathtaking when you’re coming around one of those unexpected curves in the road, and then your breath is further taken away by the beauty of the flowers.


Our two rental cars,expertly driven by Don over mountain passes with hairpin turns that never quit, on hours-long day trips when we passed signs stating, “New Zealand roads are different.  Allow extra time.”  This was NOT an alternative fact.


And then there were all those cars we happened upon and needed a bit of exploration. . .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All for now.  Tomorrow is our final day here and we’re going to Waiheke Island for a wine tour and lunch at Mud Brick Winery.  Looking forward to a wonderful day!

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