A Little of This and a Little of That


Sitting on the couch, ice on my knee (still swollen from my bike spill), sifting through photos, finding those I’ve missed.  So here are a few stories and photos, too good to let pass by.


We did the hokey pokey numerous times, especially with Mike and Marty.  It’s the national ice cream flavor, a combo of creamy vanilla and tiny crunchy caramel chunks.


We took this photo in honor of our son Marty.  


Headline in a Kiwi newspaper.  They kept apologizing to us for the awful weather.  “Worst one in 4 years,” they said. We kept apologizing for our awful president.


We just kept wondering what happens if the big blue van isn’t there when you have a kidney stone attack.  Are we lucky or what that we live only 5 minutes from the ER.


We think this might have been some type of emu but there was no sign.  Seen in the museum at Waitomo Caves.


In Rotorua we were looking for a store that sold NZ Jade.  Someone told us that there was a jade place in town.   Marty put “jade place” in her map finder and Mike drove us out, out, out of town.  We were thinking we were really going to make a good find, a local craftsperson, out in the boondocks.  We found Opal Lane, Gem Street. . . and then it dawned on us that Jade Place was a STREET NAME!!!!


Are these some of the most lovely desserts ever?!  We found them at Melrose Cafe and one found its way onto our table.


Franz Josef Glacier. . .commitments from around the world, including ours.


Just in case you need a baby name. . . 


How many times can you use a paper plate?  We carried a few with us that we rescued from Pop Weinberger’s house when we were cleaning it out.  We carefully used, wiped off, and reused them for our cheese, fruit, and cracker lunches.  This one made it all the way to Auckland, where we finally laid it to rest after 35 days on the road! Pop W. would be proud!


One of our first impressions of Christchurch.  I’m not sure the name of it and even Mr. Google couldn’t help me out!


Love the sign.  Wonder if it works?!


Love this sign by a railroad track.  But why didn’t they have one on the track where I fell??!

OK. . .I think that’s about all of the out-takes I have.  We enjoyed many of the road signs that posted messages like “Feeling grumpy?  Change drivers.”  or  “Leave breathing space.”  But I didn’t take any photos of those signs because I was usually too busy leaning to the right so that I didn’t feel like we were about to go over the sides of the hairpin turns which never quit.

A final farewell in a day or two. . . .

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