Italia.. . .we’ve missed you!


So it was a bit of a nail-biter start to our journey when our ride to PHL was unavoidably delayed (a 2-year-old son snafu) 40 minutes.  But we made it, managed to re-arrange our seats so that we were not across the plane from each other but actually beside each other, and we were off.  

Before we knew it we were touching down in Rome.  I had slept for 3 hours, Don for none.  Baggage claim was a breeze and after another brief mis-communication re: the whereabouts of our rental car, we were presented with a Smart 44, a Mercedes which we don’t have in the US. (Rent through Kemwel and choose the option with zero deductible.  Anything that might happen to the car, no problem, you’re covered.  Our cost for 3 weeks–$553)

It’s got that Mercedes feel and is a sweet ride.  So we were off to Cerveteri, a short 37 minute ride.  

Cerveteri is one of two Etruscan UNESCO sites and we knew that the necropolis and museum were closed.  It’s Monday in Italy, so streets are quiet and tourist attractions closed.  But it was a good stop to just walk streets and discover.

Don spied this cinghiale (wild boar) with hopes of eating some soon!

We shared a pizza and a few refreshments near the clock tower. Not much was open, so we were happy to find a nonna hotel owner who gladly fed us a mushroom pizza and drinks! We shared photos of our nipotini. . .grandkids!

Then we headed to Tarquinia, our first night’s stop.  Our agenda included “facciamo un pisolino”. . .taking a nap. . .for as long as we wanted, which turned out to be 2+ hours.  Actually, we felt very Italian, as it was HOT and not many people were in the streets.  Again. . .necropolis and museums closed. . .Lunedi’ (Monday).

This is the first of many AirBnBs at which we will stay during this trip.  So many people have asked us where we stay, how much it costs, etc.  In the interest of TRANSPARENCY (which I am happy to uphold since we need MORE of that in our country!!!) I’ll post information at the end of each blog as to where we stayed, cost, and any other info.  

Honestly, we don’t know the meaning or origin of the statue, but does a human body actually move that way?!  Clearly, Don’s doesn’t!

Tarquinia is not a big town and we walked most of it searching out aperitivo.  We think we found a pretty good one.

So for four Aperol spritzes and these “spuntini” (bar snacks) we paid 20 Euros. . .just in case you were curious.  It could have been dinner if you then opted to search out a large gelato ala Mike and Marty Dows.  But, we wanted dinner, so after finding that all three ristorante which our hostess suggested were closed, we found the ONE in all of Tarquinia open and Don got his cinghiale with tagliatelle.  Sorry, no photo.  I forgot.

So here’ our Air BnB info in Tarquinia.  This is probably the only one where we have just a bed and bathroom; after this we will be staying in apartments.  

Cost:$55 USD.  Located right in the centro storico. . .historical center.  AC.  Small but all we need for one night.

No breakfast but we bought a voucher for 2 Euros each and tomorrow morning we’ll walk a few steps for a coffee or juice and brioche.  We picked up some apricots tonight at the fruttivendolo and we have granola bars.  We’ll be fine.

Parking: free with a 5 min. walk to our place.

So we end Day One filled with the sights, sounds, and smells of Italy.  .. .swallows screaming and playing overhead amongst the towers of Tarquinia ( more than San Gimignano, BTW), pizza with wood-burned crusts, beautiful Italian children, sexy guys on crotch rockets. . .

Tomorrow. . .the necropolis, a trip north, and a reunion of Telma & Luisa!  

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