Castiglione d’Orcia


This post could be renamed “What could be better than visiting with friends in TUSCANY??!!”

Donna and Joe have bought a NEW home (they had a previous one in Radicofani) in a most AMAZING village.  But even more amazing is the house, part of a former frantoio (oil mill).  I could wax poetic about the incredible vision of these two as they had workmen remove ceilings to reveal ancient Tuscan tile and beams, re-purpose and create spaces, breathe new life into the garden of olive trees and grape vines, and have the guts to do most of this with a crew of Italian guys whom Donna connected with and directed from home in the US.

 Honestly, don’t even THINK about renting any other place in Tuscany.  Donna and Joe’s place—take a look.  I’m serious.  DO NOT RENT ANY OTHER PLACE!  And. . .they live right under a castle. As Joe says, “NO ONE will ever build in our backyard!” And their vision continues as they plan a second terrace to be built with “la rocca” as a background. (Lower right in this photo.)

This home was owned by family for generations and when they left they simply closed the door.  Left behind. . .toothbrushes, clothes, and a variety of “found objects” which have been turned into objects d’arte.

Seven olive trees gave up their ancient lives so that six could flourish.  They’ll find new life as they transform into warmth in the indoor fireplace.  

A fully functioning, wired light fixture from pieces lying around the property.

So we sat under the Tuscan sun, which became the Tuscan sunset, which became the star-filled Tuscan night. With good friends, good food, good wine. . .what could be better!? 

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