Il Vino?  Certo!


We “live” across the mountain from Montalcino. You can see it from the scenic lookouts at Castiglione D’Orcia.  We can glimpse a few vineyards, and we know the treasure that hides in those vines and in those vineyards.


We stood in the sunlight of Joe’s passion for Brunello today as they arranged a private winery tour for the four of us at Caprili Vineyards, a premier vintner.

Our guide/winemaker Giacomo took special care of us and explained the history and details of his family’s business. It’s always fascinating to hear how families began with a small parcel, bought more from (sometimes) Church lands, engaged the younger generation to carry on the business (did you know you can go to WINE HIGH SCHOOL in Italy!), and continue to work beside Mother Nature (who sends sometimes too much or too little rain) to produce Brunello and other wines for which Montalcino is so famous.

The cask cave. . .cool, quiet, dark. . .

Tasting included a Vermentino named for Giacomo’s grandmother, Settimia. (I wondered later if she was the seventh child. . .sette (7) mia (my). . .My Seventh.)  It’s a deliciously refreshing summer picnic wine, and when we inquired as to the bottle price learned that it was 5 Euros.  REALLY??  Yes,really!  Not so, of course, for the Brunello di Montalcino, of which we did not waste a drop while tasting!

Lunch in Montalcino near La Fortezza finished off the morning.

We were home for the ‘riposa” during the hot afternoon.  

Grazie mille, Giuseppe e Telma, per una mattina meravigliosa!

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