Way off the Beaten Path


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Looking at the map and trying to decide where to stop for lunch between Tarquinia and Castiglione d’Orcia I somehow came upon the tiny borgo of Torre Alfina.  AND. . .there was a top-rated spot for food.  Finding it should be no problem with a GPS!


Summoning up my Italian, we asked directions twice, and were surprised when the woman who had just answered me in beautifully enunciated Italian then knocked on our car-door when she saw us with the map and in her Texas-Southern drawl gave us exact directions.

This is a place you WANT to find and after following sign after sign we came upon it.  It is not IN Torre Alfina, just somewhere close by, in the neighborhood, way out in the country. . . .

We were greeted warmly and enjoyed lunch.

I asked Dani, our congenial host, if he knew where Bosco Del Sassetto (the woods with enchanted stones) was and he directed us back to Torre Alfina.  Carried away by the moment and forgetting we had just eaten, drank, and the sun was now higher and hotter, we set out on what later Don dubbed “the forced march.”  

We did not walk as far as the famous “la tomba” in the woods because we quickly realized that what goes down (the path) must come up.  And because there has been NO rain for months, the mossy, lush photos I saw at home had become, in reality, brown, dusty ghosts of past glory.

Google to the rescue.  Here’s the tomb we did not find.

Farewell to Torre Alfina. . .home of a beautiful castle (open only on weekends) and a delightfully frescoed chapel.

On to Castiglione d’Orcia. . . .

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