Under the (Unseasonably Hot) Tuscan Sun


Today was our day to take ourselves to Montepulciano, one of my favorite, most quintessential Tuscan hill towns, home of il Sasso, the Italian school I’ve attended, home of Vino Nobile, home of my favorite leather handbags, home of my favorite writing papers, home of Fatamorgana (where I buy those fabulous spilloni) and home of my favorite perfume and soap!

We did quite well in the shopping arena, but my highlight of the day was having  lunch with my saintly, ever-patient, always helpful, always smiling Italian insegnate (teacher) Sara Chierchini.

Truly, I am amazed at how many words I can’t get my tongue around, although I can usually recreate a conversation AFTER it has happened.  Sara smiles and helps me through.  I wish I could speak Italian daily with someone.  Any takers??!!

The weather here is HOT.  We thought we’d head home after lunch but no, I just couldn’t let go of this sweet town, and after a bit of shopping and three trips to the parking lot to feed the meter (wouldn’t take a credit card. . .broken) we trudged up to the fortress to the new wine tasting room.  88 Vino Nobiles.  We tasted three.

The floor is transparent and you can see down, down, down into Etruscan ruins under the building.  Quite amazing.

Just one more stop to see my friend Giovanni whose pottery I’ve purchased and if you’ve been to our home you have undoubtedly seen.  He greeted us warmly although we were way too hot and tired to do any serious shopping.

A brief “time out” at home and then we met Donna and Joe for yet another delightful evening, beginning with aperitivi at Bagno Vignoni, the town with a pool as the piazza.  The thermal waters from Mount Amiata dance down through troughs cut through stone, tumble over a precipice, and down into a pool below, where you could swim if you really wanted to.  As for us, an Aperol spritz and a few snacks seemed just right.

We finished up the evening at yet another fine restaurant in San Quirico where the wine and food were the stars as we told stories of funny times in the past, reminisced about recent events, and hoped for more fun together in the future.  

It was a good, a very good day.

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  1. How nice to set your own pace and direction! Give me a call when you get home. I have a friend that’s been taking Italian lesson. You have things in common.

    Beautiful pottery! Take care Linda and Don.

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