So here’s the Air BnB House on the Hill:


My rating (out of 10)–5

Clean, no internet, no fan (radiators magically came on at 6 pm!!!), no batteries for TV remote.  Cost–$83/night.

We were forced to do something we rarely do:  TALK TO EACH OTHER!  When that became too boring, which took all of 10 minutes, we took a nap!

I explored the little borgo after dinner and found it to have some charm.


A nice view from the top of the ramparts, some signposts explaining the ancient parts of the fortress, a few local cats.

After deciding to spring for $10 each to turn on our data, we caught up on everything online, I read a few Vanity Fair articles, and we went to sleeep.  Or so we thought. . .until local dogs barked incessantly at what I dreamed to be wild boars.

Bye Semproniano.  I won’t be seeing you again.


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