Yes, Luisa, there IS a Santa Claus!


”Twas the day we drove into Semproniano

It was hot and bright, 

With not a person in sight.

We thought,”Sophia, our GPS will lead us right

To Laura’s House on the Hill, our Air BnB for the night.”

Ahimè (Alas!) –NO–the house was not in sight.

But on a board in the middle of town stood a maze of a map.

No matter which way we tried, we were ready to crap.

When what to our wondering eyes did appear 

A grizzled man all dressed in red 

Who tapped on our car window and we didn’t know what to do!

Thank goodness Luisa her Italian she knew

When he said “Vogliamo la casa di La-oo-ra?”

With a start and a shock she stammered, “Si!”

With gestures and movements that meant “Follow me”

He jumped in his Ape (Aah-pay) and away we did flee.

He was dressed all in red from his shoulder to toes

With a sign on his back reading Croce Rossa Italiane.

“Does the Italian Red Cross rescue travelers in distress?”

We wondered and giggled as he led us from our mess.

Up streets that were narrow

With signs of dead ends.

With keys in his hand he opened the door,

Showed us la cucina, il letto, il bagno, and more.

Then quick as a wink he descended the stairs

Got into his Ape and away with a roar.

We heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight,

“Ho salvato queste due, adesso a casa stasera!”

I saved these two, now home for the night!

—With apologies to Clement Moore

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