Montemerano. . .5 Stars!!


Yesterday we were lead TO our AirBnB by an Ape; today Don got to ride IN one to get to our home for the next 5 nights.

We connected with Jacopo who took us to his family’s palazzo in the middle of the village of Montemerano, dubbed one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.  We are truly living in the midst of the Middle Ages with all the modern conveniences.  Our apartment is through the street-level arch.  

And talk about Italian hospitality!  We were stunned to find a huge platter of fruit, bruschetta, meats and cheese, a homemade fig tart, a refrigerator filled with food, ICE CREAM in the freezer, wine, and accommodations so thoughtfully arranged we felt like we were truly guests in someone’s fine home.

So glad we are here for five nights!

Some photos of our new home:

My AirBnB rating:  (out of 10)–15!

Cost–$75 night

We even have frescoes in our bedroom:

And my Samantha Brown moment: “Just look at the view!”  From our balcony. . .

After a much-needed nap (those thermal pools just take it right outta ya!!) we ventured outside to discover a concert by the Morellino (yes, the wine people) Classica festival right outside our door.  In “our” piazza. Free.  

We listened, walked to dinner overlooking the countryside, came home, and fell asleep.  Happy.  Very happy.

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