Pitigliano, Part 1


Today, Sunday, we drove to Pitigliano, about 30 minutes from Montemerano on amazingly flat and deserted country roads.  And as we approached it, we could only say, “Wow!”  

Like Orvieto, its neighbor to the east, it sits atop tufa rock. The town dates from 1061, relatively young for Italy, and the old town is known as “little Jerusalem,” historically home to a thriving Jewish community, now defunct.

So since we’re talking about Jews, we’ll start there, although that’s not why we came to Pitigliano today.  Here’s the very old synagogue, sitting atop caves used as a kosher bakery, kosher butchery, and kosher immersion baptismal area.

I read online that during WWII not one Jewish life was lost in Pitigliano because the Christians in the area helped hide Jews in the caves.  As it should be. . . 

I felt like I could have been on a medieval movie set as we explored the nooks and crannies, down side streets, up steps.

Loved discovering the Priest’s Cantina. . .their wine stash!  Does that little cherub have an instrument of torture in his hand to deter thieves?!  

But again, that’s not why we came to Pitigliano today, although the town oozes with all the elements of what we think of when describing Italian towns.  

Today. . .one time a year. . .was their INFIORATA!! I think that deserves its own blog, so I’ll finish this one and start another!

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