After two years of reading The Maremma Guide and gathering more ideas of places to go than we could possibly fit into one vacation, one spot which fascinated me was Vitozza.  Don and I always say we don’t like to visit places in bold face type, but this place was barely even visible!!  On ANY map!

But find it we did, just outside of San Quirico, near Sorano.  We knew today was going to be hot, AGAIN, so by 10 am we were walking along a dusty but well-marked path, investigating cave homes that were used as recently as the late 1700’s.

Most were marked in both Italian and English, and some even named their inhabitants!

We found what I’d like to think were Dominic’s initials, even though Don said it was modern graffiti.

As we walked and investigated more and more of these we started to ask ourselves questions like, “How would a guy propose and get a girl to marry him and live in a cave?  How much sex could you have on tufa rock?  How many babies were born?”  Where did these people come from and where did they go?  Were they hippie, back-to-nature types?  Maybe they were celibate like the Shakers and just died out?? It really just seemed incredible that just 200+ years ago people were working and living here.  But it was free and the taxes were low!

Castle?  Yes, there were remnants. . .UP the hill.  Since this was a stroll and not a forced march (!) we did not climb up to the castle remnants.  But if this has piqued your curiosity and you want to read more, here’s the link to the article on The Maremma Guide: Vitozza, the lost city

I found a mother/daughter suite, a girlfriend getaway, or a T&L retreat (NOT!!)

We don’t venture too far without something good to eat and drink, and not expecting any dining opportunities today, we created our own.  In the midst of this lost, forgotten place, we discovered a picnic table!

We ate quite nicely in the middle of this forgotten forest with birds chirping and a still-cool breeze fluttering leaves. (Yes, it’s the same pareo/tablecloth/bathing suit cover-up we used in NZ.  It has now become something of a staple travel item and shows up in unexpected places!)

Don discovered a few potential parking garages for sports cars:

Our curiosity satisfied, we called it a day.  We could have spent hours more walking, but nah, we’d had enough.  

And that’s enough for this blog now.  We had a few more adventures today before the heat forced us to retreat into our cool, air-conditioned palazzo for “la pausa.”  Ciao for now!

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