Capalbio, and the Tarot Garden


Destination:  Capalbio, yet another medieval borgo (small village) in Maremma and this one is also close to the sea.  Our goal for the day was to explore the village, have lunch, then visit the famous Tarot Garden.  We can check off all three.

The Tyrrhenian Sea is way in the background.

It’s one of those town, similar to Lucca, with a rampart walkway around most of the town, only much narrower than Lucca.  The town itself is typically Medieval, if I can be so blasé.  Charming passageways that lead no where,  tumbling flower boxes, jasmine scenting the June air, ancient stones.

We ate lunch in the village, and felt somewhat cheated by a menu featuring mainly cinghiale, the wild boar that Don loves but has eaten most of the past 10 days here!  But then we said, Wait, we’re sitting in Italy, eating lunch at a castle wall, drinking house wine, on a summer afternoon.  SHUT UP!!!

The Tarot Garden near Capalbio . . .and heres the link. . . The Tarot Garden. . . Is a wondrous, fanciful, Alice in Wonderland concoction that might just defy description.  It is Niki de Sante Phalle’s creation of her interpretation of the Tarot cards.  I think it’s best to simply show you some of our photos with a bit of description and our reactions.

Why in the world is this sculpture so amazing and so filled with water on a 90 degree day and we cant get in to splash around??  Not even our feet!  And, larger question, WHY is the Tarot Garden only open to visitors from2:30-7:30 daily!!?? During the HOTTEST time of the day!!

Don will be serving up drinks at our next party from this bar.

The Inverted Nipples is the house in which Niki lived for some years.  REad her fascinating biography on Wikipedia.  How do people like her manage to find just the right people at just the right times in life to manifest exactly who they were meant to be.  

And now, a panoply of images from around the garden.  It’s not all of them, mind you, but a few to remind Don and me of where we were (when we are old and re-reading the blogs) and some to whet your interest.

Rubenesque girls of the world. . .BE HAPPY!!

I really wanted to just jump right in with these girls and squirt water. Blazing hot today!

Filled with awe and wonder, we wound our way home, past the gas station of this morning’s drama, back to our home base of AC, ice cream, cool showers, and a welcome respite.

Tomorrow. . .we anticipate an unexpected pleasure awaiting us.  A domani!!

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