Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot


It’s sorta funny:  when we were in NZ during our winter/their summer, we kept hearing that it was their worst and rainiest summer.  Now we are in Italy and everyone is saying it’s the hottest June they can ever remember.  Climate change sure seems real to us!!

Today’s heat was no exception, and in chatting with the owner of our local wine bar last evening, she suggested a day at Agriturismo La Belle Antiglia for a day of massages, lunch, and the pool.  Yes, just what we needed.  We’re half way through our journey, and we just needed a day to refresh and rejuvenate.  

We simply relaxed all day and kept cool.  The pool was refreshing, and how could you beat the view!!

Our new friend Luna sat with us most of the afternoon, unless she was chasing lizards.   I unfortunately was witness to one murder as she bit off the tail of one (which continued to wiggle) and ate the rest.  Ugh.   

We managed to tear ourselves away from this bit of paradise. . . And came home to take a nap!

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