Castiglione della Pescaia


When its hot and you’re near the sea, well, there’s really only one thing to do and that’s GO!  We set off early because Saturday is market day in Pescaia, and our plan was to 1) buy some fruit and snacks, 2) find a cool, sleeveless dress for me in the market, and 3)plop ourselves on the sand under an umbrella and cool off in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The market turned out to be HUGE, probably one of the largest we’ve seen and sold absolutely everything imaginable.  But we were focused and in short time came away with fruit and a sleeveless dress which I will wear EVERY DAY for the remainder of this trip.  Honestly, I could just leave behind the summer clothes I brought–even though I didn’t bring much– and opt for cool and cotton.  And dresses.

Then, the beach.  When I say that there were NO parking spaces in this town, let me assure you that there were NO parking spaces to be found.  This is a mega-tourist town, it was Saturday, and it was jammed.  I think I even saw a poster for a seafood festival that was taking place this weekend.  People, kids, bicycles. . .it was like an out of control Ocean City, NJ.

 After a few narrow backing-up escapades we honestly were about to give up and head to another town but in heading out of town, the LAST BEACH offered parking and umbrellas.  7 Euros for parking, 35 Euros for an umbrella and two chairs. . .not cheap, but sometimes you just have to fork over some dough!  But the place had a decent restaurant, bathroom facilities, and we were set!

We enjoyed a few lovely hours of “la dolce far niente”–the sweetness of doing nothing–had a nice seafood lunch, a snooze (in which I’m told I snored and drooled!!), a walk down the beach, and a romp in the waves, even Don.

We had a hard time remembering the last time we actually went to the beach.  It was fun to watch families playing, boyfriends trying to kiss girlfriends, and groups of friends hanging out.  Typical.  

We all know that people are the same wherever you go.  . . . Ebony and Ivory, , ,Paul McCartney

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