Italy’s Caribbean 


The beaches of the Gulf of Follonica are among the most beautiful and visited in Italy by holiday-makers.  The water is blue, clear, and delightful.  It was just a 30 minute drive from Campiglia Marittima to find ourselves on the beach, under an umbrella.

We were in or near a beach called Torre Mozza, and we didn’t realize it at the time,but we must have happened onto an area that was owned by a resort which was right across the road.Most umbrellas were part of the rental for families who were staying at the resort, but the guy in charge found us TWO umbrellas not reserved and charged us for only one.  20 Euros, free parking, better than the other day.

It was the perfect place to be with our lunch snacks that we had procured at the local Conad supermarket.  We ate,snoozed, read, people-watched, and played in the water.  The perfect beach day!

Don decided it was time to look Italian, so he bargained with one of the many Somalian vendors on the beach for a hat.  And somehow we each got leather bracelets, too.  

Now we must do something about replacing those crotch-rocket sunglasses!  But he DOES look Italian!

Enroute home we stopped by Baratti, just to check out their beach.  It’s in a beautiful park area, beach is totally free, but you’d need your own umbrella and chairs.  I also noticed the sand was sparkling with little bits of quartz(?) and seemed hotter than “our” beach.

We made the best choice for us for today.

Came home and fell into another DEEP SLEEP NAP!  

Facciamo un pisolino!

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