Porto Santo Stefano


And then it happened. . .it took us by surprise. . . .it was RAIN!!!

We were grateful and hoped that it would bring some relief from the heat.  But we also wondered,”What will we do on a rainy day in the ONLY port town we’re visiting?”

We didn’t have to wait long to realize the rain was short-lived, it didn’t change the heat, and it brought more humidity.

Porto Santo Stefano sits on a promontory connected to the mainland by two roads.  It’s an absolutely stunning port, known for excellent seafood and its old Spanish fort (which, by the way, we found was only open on weekends).  

Keep in mind that we are still in Tuscany!!  

We knew this AirBnB was on a third floor, so we re-packed our stuff into the smaller suitcase, thinking we’d have to haul it up three flights of stairs.  Surprise. . .we had an elevator!  Our hostess, Sonia, was waiting outside for us and we parked right in front of our apartment.

My rating–9/10–fantastic view, rock-hard bed, AC works well


Now sitting at the top of the cliff means only one thing:  when we walk down into town, we’ve got to walk UP.  But off we went, in search of food.  We quickly realized that today is WEDNESDAY, and in this town, that’s the day that restaurants and shops are closed.  Just our luck!!

But we happened upon Osteria di Pace, right on the water, with a table available outside for lunch.  Score!!!

We can uphold the reputation of wonderful cuisine and fabulous seafood.  After two dishes which we shared, we were filled with all sorts of sea creatures which had given up their lives for our eating enjoyment!  

Strolling along the wharf we enjoyed looking at some of the beautiful yachts of the rich and famous. . .or rich and not-so-famous, just rich.

We couldn’t avoid our fate any longer.  We knew we had to make the climb home.  Now hilltowns are a challenge, but literally climbing up this cliff nearly did us in!!  With hearts pounding, sweat dripping, and legs shaking, we made our way into our apt. 

I promptly fell asleep for the next 3 hours!

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