A Quiet Day


Rain this morning.  Much-needed.  So we thought we would just wait it out in our Civita B&B over coffee and rolls, the typical Italian breakfast.  We returned to our bedroom and watched the rain pelt down from our window.  And sure enough, by about 10:30 am there was a break in the heavenly action and the sky seemed to clear.

We visited the church of San Donato, right on the piazza.

Yesterday we noticed that the church clock tower was held together by large rubber bands, which vibrated when the wind blew!Sorta like a big Jenga  box!

Oh, news flash, Don just told me he snapped two photos when he was up during the night.  What the heck are you doing taking photos at 3 am!!??

Before leaving town I was drawn to a new l’erbosteria and found some delightful products made from donkey’s milk and olive oil!

So with the rain stopped we made our way down the steep incline with Don continuing to remind me, “No twisted ankles.”  OK, OK, OK!!!

Off to Viterbo to find some lunch and oh, I was so happy when we pulled in to town and saw this happy sight!

The Porchetta Truck!!   My mouth was watering just imagining the juicy goodness of a porchetta sandwich.  Alas,  he only had a tiny end left, not even enough for a decent roll.  Boh!!

So back into the car to drive into a bold faced city filled with the traffic we had avoided to this point.  Our object now was to park, eat, and get out.  And yes, we did.

When Don went in to pay the bill and pee, he seemed to be taking a very long time.  Experience told me there must be a story, whether it was about an unexpected toilet saga, or some other reason.  When he came out smiling and holding something behind his back, I knew he was up to no good.

Oh yeah. . .we need another Coke tray at our house!!  But OK, this one is Italian and there’s a good story and it was FREE.  Count on some crazy American to take your old junk off your hands!


On our way out of town we pulled over to photo this surprising piece of sculpture, which Wikipedia tells us is by Seward Johnson and called “The Awakening.”

Upon doing a bit more research, I learned that Seward Johnson founded the Gardens for Sculpture in New Jersey which I’ve visited and is fabulous.   Love these unexpected surprises!

So now on to Bomarzo where tomorrow we will visit the Garden of Monsters, which I saw on Atlas Obscura and thought, “Hey, we’ll sort of be in the area, so why not make a bit of a detour to visit.”  For the next two nights we are staying at an Air BnB Country House which is literally right beside the Monster Garden.  It sleeps 6, so if you’re in the area, cmon over!!

My rating–9.5. (If there would be snacks in the frig I’d call it a 10!)


We are off on a country road and no one would EVER believe that there is a house here.  

This is our spot to unpack our bags and re-pack for the journey home.

I just said to Don that it feels like we didn’t do much today, but then I read this blog and I guess “doing” is all in the definition.

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