Bomarzo and a warning!


Warning. . .parts of this blog are X-rated!  But first, just a few photos of tiny Bomarzo itself.

We ventured into the town after lunch and discovered yet another sweet Medieval town, but this one was different from others.  It was built much closer together than others we’ve visited.  Passageways seemed narrower and stairways closer together.

The entrance to the Duomo was unobtrusive and on a “back street” but inside. . .wow. . .a beauty.

In the evening we went out for dinner at 8 pm and discovered that there was to be a wedding reception at the restaurant.  We were excited!!  What would it be like to be a witness to the fun.  Don even told the restaurant owner that we had known each other for 50 years and he brought us a rose for our table.

We imagined guests lounging with drinks in hand under this sweet cabana, wisteria overhead, stone table and chairs ready and waiting.

We tried to guess if it might be the elegantly dressed, English-speaking African wedding party we saw in Bomarzo in the afternoon, and what they had been doing in the interim.  We were told guests would arrive at 9 pm.  Of course, that’s Italian time, and it was now 9:15, so we ordered dolce and caffe to prolong our stay.  Oh, and while we enjoyed all the American dreamy music that the Dj was playing for no one in particular (we were the only ones eating outside), we decided to dance under the perfect breezy evening, our second last in Italy.  

When we heard car doors slam, we knew guests had arrived.  We eagerly watched, hoping to see the elegantly dressed guests ready to enjoy the balmy and beautiful evening under the stars.



Help, Sara, I need to ramp up my Italian to better translate what I thought I heard the restaurant owner tell us!  

The party came alive with the DJ singing to the girls, karaoke, and all the ensuing misbehavior of the bride and her friends.

Oh, what a night. . . .

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