Monthly Archives: December 2017

Tango On!!


So here’s my usual “trial” to see if my blog on wheresweinberger connects properly to Facebook, and if photos are a reasonable size, eliminating the app snafu I experienced in Bergen with humungous photos.

2018 will be the first of the “Years of the Life Lists.” (Ala my good friend,Pam Ferraro, whose nomenclature I’ve adopted. . .not a BUCKET list but a LIFE list!).

Starting out the year we will travel to Buenos Aires where we’ll dance the tango.   I had this wild-hair idea a few years ago that I’d like to go to BsAs and “dance the tango with a hot Argentinian guy.”  It never occurred to me that Don would take lessons with me, and so we have for the past few months under the patient and expert tutelage of Pierre Baston.  And so despite bumbling and stumbling, Pierre has turned us into beginners that (we hope) can take the floor at Salon Canning and not cause an international incident!  Our three-week trip will take us also to Mendoza and Patagonia.  I hope to document our daily comings-and-goings.

Later in 2018 we’ll travel to other Life List destinations.  So for now,let’s see if WordPress and Facebook connect.

Happy New Year!