Flying away from the Canaries


Our visit to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands is at an end.  Don leaves sporting the best haircut and beard trim in recent history.  Seems appropriate, as this is why and how we met Dave over 40 years ago!!


We laughed our way through the week, exchanged stories of family, grandkids, and recounted escapades of times we’ve spent together.  Somehow the strains of Andrea Boccelli’s song “Canzoni Stonate”—songs out of tune—kept running through my mind.  Crazy fun!





We’ll be together again. . .don’t know where. . . .don’t know when!!


If you close your eyes maybe
You also hear from there
Love songs
Which is still good for the heart
We almost always say
Sometimes not, sometimes not

Off-key songs
Words always a bit wrong
Remember how many evenings
Go on like this. . . .

Canzoni Stonate. . . Andrea Bocelli

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  1. Loved going on this adventure with you and Don – love the haircut and beard trim- and you both look great! Relaxed and happy! Love to you both ❤️💜♥️


  2. And Savannah, there’s MORE !! We came back to Madrid for 3 nights. Blogs coming! Just touched down at EWR. I figured out that of the first 4 months of this year I have been traveling for 3. I’m Road-weary!

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