Madrid. . .A REALLY Old Spot


(Still at home.. . . imagine that!  It’s so wonderful to sit on my screened-in porch, sipping my tea, and finishing up the final two blogs.)

One final eating extravaganza awaited us.  Botin is the oldest restaurant in the world.  Really.  It’s even documented by the Guinness Book of World Records.


Now it took us a while to find it, and I for one nearly gave up. (And it turns out it is just right off Plaza Mayor; you just have to know which portal to exit.)  But. . .DON PERSISTED. . .and then wormed our way in.  Our AirBnB host, Victor, had secured a reservation. . .at 9:30 PM, which we knew wasn’t going to work for us.  So Don just told the maitre’d that our flight had been changed and we couldn’t come at night, so could we please eat now?  So after an hour’s wait, which we spent at a nearby outdoor cafe with a glass of wine/beer, we were seated.


They are known for roast suckling pig, and even though I felt guilty about that baby, I are it.  Don chose chicken, after our starter of jamon iberico and melon.  And sangria in their fancy pitcher.


A decaf coffee (which Don later swore was regular. . .when he couldn’t sleep the night before our flight!!) and we were complete.

A little bit of interest. . .in speaking later with Victor, we learned that while we were having lunch at Botin, the weather in Madrid was crazy.  He said, “What do you call it in the US when you have a mix of rain, snow, and ice??  That’s what we had here.”  I’d say it was a wintry mix!

One more stop in Madrid was the Mercado San Miguel.  It was like the Reading Terminal Market on speed.  Jammed with people and food, we browsed and ogled.




Oh, my heart be still. . . a stand devoted to Aperol Spritz!!IMG_4313


We walked home, and simply spent the rest of the afternoon and evening enjoying the apartment, playing our music through their bluetooth sound bar, and packing.  Our second trip to Madrid was in the books.

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