Us. . .Changed (Once Again)


Oh, so trite. . .but it’s true THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME.  Since January of this year to the present, we have been out of our home for 3 of the 4 calendar months.  We come away from this most recent adventure with the acknowledgement that we truly like being at home and all the benefits thereof. . .

So just a short wrap-up of our final three days in Madrid, as well as the past 3 weeks in Lisbon and Lanzarote.


A toast to US. We navigated Lisbon, Lanzarote, and Madrid with a minimum of stress and a maximum of happiness. We ate EVERYTHING and stayed true to our nutritional program at the same time. Arriving home, we each discovered that we had not gained an ounce, and in fact, by our second day home, I had actually shed an additional pound.  


We’ve now danced in Buenos Aires, Venice (me), Lisbon, and Madrid. We love the universality of tango and we are anxious to return to the comfort of “our Pierre” for lessons, wisdom, and more fun.


Our main purpose for this trip was to re-connect with our friends Dave and Jayne. From the moment we saw them holding their “WINOS” sign to the end of the week we laughed. And laughed.


While waiting for our airport ride on Tuesday morning we saw the sunrise over our neighbor, the Palacio Real.


And then finally we were homeward bound. We would definitely fly TAP again. We were served a pastel da nata on board; oh my heart be still!   WHEN we are ready to travel again, we would like to do a stopover in Porto. I love good value for money!

And so, we are home.  And very happy to hear the sounds of  birds waking us up, the lawnmower guys doing their jobs, running into neighbors at the grocery store, FaceTiming with our Theo, flipping on Pandora to listen to tango music.  And my pillow. . .oh, my wonderful pillow.  How I’ve missed you.

Someone else said it best. . .

“It’s a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realize what’s changed is you.”-F. Scott Fitzgerald

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