A Brief Answer to an Excellent Question


So our friend Jan Tremer, after reading these blogs asked, ” Why all the costumes at Carnevale?” In thinking how to answer and incorporate what I know, which could be incomplete or incorrect, I came across what I consider to be a good, concise explanation-


The origins of Carnevale pre-date Mardi Gras or the Rio Carnival. There’s lots of partying, no boob showing, little drunkenness, except by the few loud young Americans I saw. Costumes posers do not ask for or expect a tip, coins, or payment of any kind.

No cost is spared in the elaborate masks and costumes; people may spend 1-2 years creating them.

Here’s another great article from The Venice Insider.


So, friends, you now have a bit more education. Thanks for your question, Jan!!

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